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Pastor Twyla's blog

Take a Moment Prayer: Week of Dec 5 - 2nd Week in Advent

Gracious God, I come before you today with a longing to please you with all that I say and do. Somehow, it seems I find myself...many times without even thinking...messing up. Forgive me merciful God. I am overwhelmed by your gift of unconditional love for me...my imperfections and all...that washes away all my sin and draws me close to your glorious presence. During this Christmas season, I am reminded that this unimaginable love came to touch earth through a baby...Your only Son, Jesus. I look into the manger and I cannot dismiss the sacrifice made to unveil the depth of Your love for us. And so, I lift my heart in worship and thanksgiving to You for this incredible gift. May my loving of others be evidence that your love fills me to overflowing, and seeks to embrace all of Your holy creation...today, tomorrow and everyday. Amen.

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - August 2021

Four years ago, the Church of the Brethren embarked on a journey of  discernment. The goal was to capture a vision for our denomination that congregations could get behind and move forward in this new era of time to do the  work  of following Jesus and help build God’s kingdom. Listening sessions were held throughout the denomination for the purpose of giving the grassroots congregants a voice in the discernment process. Coming together for discussion and listening provides an opening for the Spirit’s leading to be heard. 

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - July 2021

I’m writing this just four days before settlement  on our new house. I never dreamed moving could be so  stressful. Contributing to our stress are things like: selling  our house, finding a house, applying for a mortgage,   packing twenty-one years of stuff, moving Marvin (our cat) who has never been in a crate or outside of our house, dealing with last-minute underwriting documentation and whatever else I am not remembering right now. Our saving graces have been all of your prayers, the church’s decision to have a professional moving company move us…thank you…thank you… thank you, and a very patient realtor, Kim Mozick, who has made us feel like her only customer. Don and I will be so glad when this side of the process is all over next week and we can take our time making our new home our own.

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - June 2021

Today as I am pondering this particular text, I am doing so because I am feeling the loosening of the pandemic  restrictions and because the Summer season is upon us. Last year at this time there were many unknowns due to COVID and many of us had anxiety about what was safe to do and what was not. People skipped vacations and canceled family gatherings. Everything seemed to be on hold and it took much of the fun out of what is typically an active social time of year. The discouragement and depression many of us experienced due to the cancellations of our major holiday festivities was compounded when warmer weather arrived and we still had to endure the restrictions due to COVID. The church was not spared from the required restrictions; so, we felt the impact on our fellowship activities here at HCOB too. 

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - May 2021

 It’s a curious thing how in just a matter of moments, life events can shift quickly and take us an unexpected direction. Our decisions may surprise us with unforeseen twists and turns. Events occurring around us may startle us and demand unplanned actions, taking us down roads in life that are filled with sharp turns and bumpy terrain. Tragedies like a large boulder may drop in our life path, paralyzing us emotionally, making life difficult to manage even the simplest of tasks.

Pastor's Pen - February 2021

On Wednesday, February 17, we recognize the beginning of the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is a solemn reminder of human mortality and the need for reconciliation with God and marks the beginning of the penitential Lenten season. It is commonly observed with receiving ashes in the sign of the cross on the forehead and fasting.

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - January 2021

Before you judge my choice of scripture  focus…concluding that I have gone off the deep end by quoting a scripture from the book of Lamentations for a New Year’s  reflection…let me explain. Indeed, the book of Lamentations, written by the prophet, Jeremiah, is a dirge…a funeral song for the fallen city of Jerusalem. If you were to read the whole song, you would discover that Jeremiah felt intense grief for the people whom he loved, and who chose to turn from God, suffered and endured great pain and loss. Yet, in the verses I quoted here, we find that even as Jeremiah grieved, he recognized God’s presence and faithfulness with  the people and it gave him hope.   

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - December 2020

Once again, the Christmas season is upon us. With it comes the story of the birth of our Savior who brought the very living presence of God and salvation to us. It comes in a way that renews and revives weary souls that have forgotten the promises of God. It comes to those deeply rooted in Christ as affirmation of their faith.encouraging them to push ahead in their journey and their call to help build God's Kingdom.

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