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"Church in the Heart of the City with the City at Heart"
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Pastor Twyla's blog

Take a Moment Prayer: Week of July 21

God of Peace, In you I find my strength and focus  for the facing of each today. But, some days, I know I have so much I must do...or simply want to do...that I don't take time to rest in your presence where I would find refreshment for my soul. Help me now to hear your voice calling to me to come with you and rest for a while. Take away any unnecessary urgency I feel to accomplish things on my list of to-do's without spending  time with you. In the time I spend with you, hear my prayers for others in need and for the church. Hear my requests for forgiveness, wisdom and guidance; and help me to listen for your answers. Fill the quiet spaces in my thoughts with the holiness of your presence. Your love pours over me and my whole being is refreshed as I sit with you. Thank you, God, for these moments of rest with you. Amen.       

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