Hagerstown Church of the Brethren

    15 South Mulberry Street, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
Phone: 301-733-3565 * FAX: 301-733-3598

  "Church in the Heart of the City with the City at Heart"
     Continuing the work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. Together.

From Audrey's Desk - December 2016

As I have mentioned before one of my favorite Contemporary Christian singers is Steven Curtis Chapman.  Just a few years ago he released a Christmas Album called “Joy” that has become one of my favorites.  On this album is a song called “Christmas Card.”  

From Tim's Desk - November 2016

November- a month of turkey and cranberries, a month of families gathering and unity events at church, a most wonderful time of the year. That is except for the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  I write that sarcastically, but I have been fascinated by the amount of members  mentioning to me how much they are not looking forward to election day and commenting that they wish it were just over.  

Next Sunday

December 4
  • Preacher: Tim Hollenberg-Duffey
  • Scripture: Isaiah 11:1-10, Matthew 3:1-12
  • Message: “Prepare to Belong”
  • Worship Leader: Julie Herman
  • Special: Advent II

Sunday's Sermon

Nov 27: "Keep Awake and Dream"

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Sunday Services

Casual Worship, 9 am
Sunday School, 9:45 am
Traditional Worship, 11 am


The Hagerstown Church of the Brethren, A Living Peace Church:
A caring community gathered round the Risen Christ that
…Welcomes the stranger
…Empowers our neighbors
…Embraces the diversity among all people as we continue the work of Jesus,
peacefully, simply, together.


The mission of the Hagerstown Church of the Brethren is to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ and glorify the Lord by striving to live as Christ lived, experiencing the power of God's healing in our lives. We seek to nurture our faith community through prayer, music and the proclaimed Word, while enthusiastically reaching out to others with compassion, respect and love for everyone so that we may grow in faith and commitment together.