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Hagerstown Church of the Brethren

“Take a Moment” Prayer: Week of Nov. 10

Look for this prayer each week. Take time to pray it each day and know that your church family is saying this prayer too.

You search me and know me, O God. You know me better than I know myself. You know my struggles and how I deal with them; and you know my joys and how I celebrate them. You know my shortcomings, even when I try to hide them…and yet, you call to me to draw near to you because you love me. How blessed am I to know you…and to be known by you, O God. Thank you for all of those faithful followers of Christ who pointed me towards you. I cannot imagine traveling this highway of life without you by my side. Amen.

Nov. 24 Congregational Business Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the Nov. 3 Congregational Business Meeting. We experienced the largest attendance in a couple of years, which was WONDERFUL. I do apologize, however, that the time constraint made the meeting feel rushed and that not everyone had the opportunity to voice their opinions or ask questions. To that end, the leadership team would like to announce our first ever open forum "Question & Answer Session with the Leadership Team” on Sunday, November 24 during the Sunday school hour. There will be no Sunday school classes that day and instead, we invite everyone to continue the conversations from the business meeting from 9:50 until 10:45 in the Fellowship Hall. There will be a light breakfast provided. Please join your brothers and sisters in this informal question and answer session to keep the lines of communication open. What a united way to kick off the Thanksgiving week together!

-Julie Herman, Leadership Team Chair

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - November 2019

So, is everyone ready? For what, you ask? Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right  around the corner.

Pastor's Bookshelf - February 2018

Pastor Tim and I were very encouraged by the engagement of The Journey during this past Advent. Several of you came to us and shared how you enjoyed having an  opportunity to engage the Christmas story on a different level. Some of you even asked if we would do another book study during Lent, especially since Adam Hamilton advertised one of his Lenten studies in the back of the book we were reading.

Pastor's Bookshelf - July 2017

Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians by John Paul Lederach

I have been reading this book that I bought at last year’s Annual Conference.  I read several books written by John Paul Lederach in  college as a Peace Studies minor and was pleased to see that he had written a new book. Lederach is well known by Anabaptists for his work in conflict transformation. This new book, Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians, is a different style for Lederach.

Pastor's Bookshelf - June 2017

The Art of Christian Listening  by Thomas Hart 

During college, Pastor Audrey was a Student Peer Minister assigned to her dorm as a trusted spiritual companion for other students needing to process their faith life.  To prepare for this role, she read The Art of Christian Listening and found its instruction so helpful that she passed it along to me.  Maybe this was a subtle hint for me to become a better listener. But  isn’t it the case that we could all be better listeners?

Washington County Goes Purple

Washington Goes Purple is a substance abuse awareness program that will engage our community and youth to stand against substance abuse. Ninety-one people die every day from heroin or prescription painkiller overdoes.   

Painkillers are synthetic heroin. It's time to have "the new conversation" with our kids about prescription painkillers.