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"Church in the Heart of the City with the City at Heart"
Continuing the work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. Together.


October 25 Worship

Please join us on Facebook Live for our worship service at 10 am EST.

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NOTE: If you are not on Facebook, the sermon is usually posted on our homepage a few minutes after the service begins.
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Take a Moment Prayer: Week of Oct 25

Look for this prayer each week. 

God, you are bigger than life…and I long to see you throughout my day. I know it is not luck that brings me into your presence; but my determination to be faithful to you, and my desire to trust your love for me…sends my spirit to heights above the mire and muck of the day…to where I can see you. Oh, the joy that fills my soul when I find you! I am so blessed to be loved by you…faults and all. I give this day to you…guide me…use me…so others may see you and know your love for them too. Amen.  


Take a Moment Prayer : Week of Aug. 30

Look for this prayer each week. Is that you God trying to get my attention? I'm here and I'm trying to listen. Some days, it's not so easy for me to hear what you are saying to me, usually because I have so many other thoughts going around in my head. But, I am doing my best to hear you. Sometimes, I know, you simply want to tell me how much you love me; and other times you are calling me to do a special task for you. It feels at times unbelievable that you deem me worthy of your personal attention and capable of doing acts of love and service for you. I don't always feel capable and worthy of your attention and confidence, but you prove to me time and time again that if I will just listen and step out in faith you are there for me...helping me with your power and guidance, and pouring over me your love. I am so richly blessed to have a growing and intimate relationship with you. I'm listening, God...let's make something wonderful happen today. Amen.  

"Take a Moment" Prayer: Week of July 26

Look for this prayer each week. Almighty God, may your Holy Spirit descend upon me on this day; and, fill me with the gifts and the spiritual guidance I will need to fulfill the deeds that will glorify you and point others to you. Should anything come my way that darkens my day and leaves me feeling helpless or lost, I will trust the Spirit to connect me to you from places within where no words can be found. I believe that nothing can separate me from you...not even when life is hard and leaves me with feelings of emptiness. I will cling to the knowledge of your promise of faithfulness to me rather than the negative feelings that may be strong in times of darkness. With this prayer, I am reminded of your faithfulness and I am ready to take-on this day with inner peace and joy...both the good and the not-so-good...praising you all the while. Amen.

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - May 2020

I was so very happy and excited when I was called to serve as your permanent pastor. I still am in the clouds with joy…even though I was not expecting the beginning of my ministry with you to go like this. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about pastoring, you should expect the unexpected.

NOTE: As we go forward in our day-to-day lives, be assured the Leadership Team, Pastor Twyla, Burt, and Bev, are doing everything possible to communicate the latest information to the congregation. We are using email to get the word out about changes as quickly as possible. If you know someone who does not have email, you can help by spreading the word. Please check the church calendar at www.hagerstowncob.org for calendar updates. Stay strong and remember to give thanks as we navigate these challenging times.

“Take a Moment” Prayer: Week of May 31

Look for this prayer each week. – Holy Spirit, come today and fill me with the spiritual energy of fire and wind, so that I will live this day fully in God’s will. I want to please him and show him I love him by being obedient to God’s commands. I want to travel the road of life that God has laid out for me. I want my relationship with him to involve more than mere words. I want to be so close to him that when others hear and see me…they will see God in me. Holy Spirit, come. I ask all of this not for my own selfish gain; but so I can help make a difference in my corner of the world for God today. Amen.


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