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From Pastor Twyla's Desk - April 2022

“Unbelievable,” they thought… “unbelievable and impossible. How could a man that died such a painful and gruesome death possibly live again? They knew he was dead when  they placed him in a dark, damp, sealed tomb. There’s no way he could  be alive.”
It is a curious thing I find myself thinking about as I look ahead to Easter. Curious, I say because I am not so sure much has changed since the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Many people in our world today live as if Jesus lies dead in the tomb. People live without hope about tomorrow. People feel worthless…like life has no meaning. People feel insecure… believing that no one cares about them. People live selfishly, ignoring the needs of others. 
The truth is that God’s love as expressed through the life, death and  RESURRECTION of His Son…could not be locked away in a tomb of  death. That’s the good news of Easter. Jesus lives. If we believe that, then  we will look for evidence of him in our daily experiences and we will be encouraged by his presence in our lives to be faithful disciples. His Spirit will move into our souls and create a willingness in us to jump into opportunities
of mission presented to us as ways to share the good news with others that Jesus lives and he loves us all. But until we are willing to believe in the empty tomb and the risen Christ, our hearts will remain like a sealed tomb…unable to see and experience Jesus in our lives… unwilling to share his love and care with others.  
This Easter season, look for the living Christ in your life. Glory in God’s forgiveness and love as it is expressed through all that happened that first Easter. Allow the Living Savior to fill you and use you. Come…see that  the tomb is empty…and believe. 
Have a Blessed Easter