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Field of Hope


The Field of Hope is a joint effort of several Brethren churches in the Hagerstown area -- Grossnickle, Hagerstown, Welty, Beaver Creek, Myersville, and Harmony, plus a United Church of Christ and a Catholic Church in Middletown. The planning committee includes representatives from each of these congregations.  

Every year the Hurwitz family donates all of the proceeds from a portion of their farm to an agricultural project in a third world country through the Food Resource Bank (www.foodresourcebank.org).  Food Resource Bank staff help to train and equip farmers around the world to maximize the productivity of their land.

In order for the Hurwitz family to do this, their acreage must be sponsored by churches and individuals so that they can continue to operate their farm. At Harvest season every year, the churches that support this effort come together at the farm for a celebration. At this time, the people learn about the nation being supported, pray for the farmers impacted, remember the realities of food scarcity in the world, and celebrate a good harvest.

For more information, go to http://www.foodsresourcebank.org.