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Take a Moment Prayer: Week of Sep 25

Look for this prayer each week. Take time to pray it each day and know that your church family is saying this prayer too.

Holy God...and Blessed Savior, I want to be bound to you with a holy love that makes us one. I want to be bound together with my brothers and sisters in Christ with a holy love that encourages each other's faith to grow stronger. Send your Spirit to wash away any selfish attitude within me that may keep me from having a willing and compassionate heart to serve those in need. I pray for our church as she works with other congregations around the world to help build the kingdom of God. Send a vision to all of God's people that will enable us to show our communities and the whole world that you are the one and only Living God who loves everyone. Let my life be a daily example of your love. Amen.


From Pastor Twyla's Desk - August 2022

When I attend Annual Conference, I not only attend the business sessions  and the worship services, I also attend sessions for educational growth. This year, I attended the pre-conference Pastors’ event Saturday evening and most of the day on Sunday. The presenter was Tod Bolsinger, author of: “Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed in the Crucible of Change”. He covered key learning points from his book. It was good stuff. I bought the book and have begun reading it to help reinforce what I learned.  

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - June 2022

It’s that time of year when many of us think about taking vacations. I know, Don and I have made some plans for vacations that we are looking forward to taking. It is a time to get away from the day-to-day routines of life; to relax and rejuvenate our bodies and spirits. Even those who are retired can benefit from a change in scenery, or at the very least, a change in routine.

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - February 2022

I remember as an elementary student the fun I had as I participated in Valentine’s Day activities at school. I looked forward to decorating a bag or box that I would use to collect Valentine’s cards from my classmates and teacher. It was almost always a difficult exercise in going to the store to find the perfect pack of valentine cards, which I later would tirelessly prepare for each one of my classmates and eventually put in their decorated box or bag. There were always so many packs of cards to choose from, making the decision challenging. When the day of the party arrived, of course, there were sweet treats to eat and games to play; but the best part was opening all the valentine cards I received. I remember extending the fun when I got home by playing with the cards.

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - January 2022

When a New Year  arrives, many of us look back on all that took place in our lives and in our world over the past year. There are television programs to help us remember the crises and achievements that occurred in our community, nation, and world. Without looking online to be reminded of these things, what comes to the forefront of my thoughts is, once again, the COVID challenges we continue to endure. As is the case for most of us, I would like for this nightmare to end.

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - November 2021

Tis the season of Thanksgiving. Although we should express our gratitude to God  year-round; we place more emphasis on it at this time of year because we have a special day on the calendar called Thanksgiving. Many of us will gather with family and friends for a delicious meal…maybe play some games or watch football…or maybe nap after gorging ourselves with turkey, known to be full of tryptophan. Ah…what a delightful day!

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - October 2021

 “What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.” (Luke 16:15)
This powerful Bible verse follows the parable of “The Shrewd Manager,”  which Jesus was telling his disciples. If we study the parable, we find that it asks us to consider the questions, what, or who, do we highly value? What are our  passions? What motivates us to do what we do?  Jesus concludes the parable by  saying, “No slave can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve  God and wealth.” 

From Pastor Twyla's Desk - September 2021

I have been thinking about fear a lot lately. I thought about it often when the COVID pandemic began a year and a half ago. Then as things loosened up, and people seemed less afraid, it wasn’t on my mind so much. But, now that the virus variants have emerged and the virus rates have gone up a bit and people we know are testing positive with COVID again; fear is on the rise too. 

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