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Take a Moment Prayer: Week of Oct. 25

Look for this prayer each week. Take time to pray it each day and know that your church family is saying this prayer too.

Week of October 25, 2020 - God, you are bigger than life…and I long to see you throughout my day. I know it is not luck that brings me into your presence; but my determination to be faithful to you, and my desire to trust your love for me…sends my spirit to heights above the mire and muck of the day…to where I can see you. Oh, the joy that fills my soul when I find you! I am so blessed to be loved by you…faults and all. I give this day to you…guide me…use me…so others may see you and know your love for them too. Amen.  

 Week of October 18, 2020 - Whether or not I am ready, another day is here; and whether I am ready or not, there are things that I need to do. And, whether I am expecting it or not...you, God...need me to lovingly serve wherever I see a need that I can fulfill. You, God, call me to love my neighbor and that is what I want to do. So if I get busy, or if I feel overwhelmed by something I think I must do above all else...but don't...send your Spirit to give me a push to do what is needed for another. Thank you for those who have been there for me in my times of need. The love they shared with me inspires me to want to help others. Let your love flow through me. Amen.   

Week of October 11, 2020 - To you, O God, I give all honor and glory. You watch over me and provide all that I need. Your love for me stirs my soul through your care and presence...poured over me...when I turn to you with my needs. Your wisdom points me in the right direction when my wants are selfish or misguided. Just as your love is expressed through your care for me, may the love I have for others be more than an emotion I feel inside myself...but also motivation to do something to make others' lives better...and to help others know that you care for them too. Amazing and loving God, send your love to flow through me to reach others today. Amen.

Week of October 4, 2020 - Holy God...and Blessed Savior, I want to be bound to you with a holy love that makes us one. I want to be bound together with my brothers and sisters in Christ with a holy love that encourages each other's faith to grow stronger. Send your Spirit to wash away any selfish attitude within me that may keep me from having a willing and compassionate heart to serve those in need. I pray for our church as she works with other congregations around the world to help build the kingdom of God. Send a vision to all of God's people that will enable us to show our communities and the whole world that you are the one and only Living God who loves everyone. Let my life be a daily example of your love. Amen.

Week of September 27, 2020 - It's a new day...wide open with possibilities to use the gifts and talents God has given me to do all that God needs me to do. I am inspired to please you, God because I know you are a Living God and not a meaningless empty idol. It is my intent to worship you with all my heart...not on one day alone; but, everyday...every moment, with every breath I take and through all that I say and do. If I should fail, and I know I do too many times...pick me up and brush me off with your grace...and point me in the right direction. With your Spirit's guidance, this will be a great holy and worship-filled day lived for you. Amen.

Week of September 20 - All glory and honor I give to you, O God, as I strive this day to do your will. I want all of the words that I speak and the things that I do point to you. For you are God...the Almighty Creator... All Knowing and Wise...Compassionate Lover and Ruler of All. I am your child and not your puppet...excited to be in your presence and anxious to please you...ready to share you and your love so that everyone may know you. I am richly blessed to know you and walk in your ways. And, although I may not understand all the mysteries and the tragedies that happen in our world, I know you are in control. For you are God...and I am not; therefore, may my worries fade as I put my trust in you. Amen.

Week of September 13 - God of Grace and Mercy, There is much for which I am grateful, but today I want to raise to you the nearly inexpressible gratitude I feel for Jesus...my Savior and Redeemer. For without what he did for me, the grunge of sin would weigh me down and lead me into eternal darkness. Although I may try, I cannot hide my sin from you; not even that which is found only in thy thoughts. So, I confess it to you and ask for your forgiveness. Thank you for your grace and forgiveness. Now also, just as you have loved me so much as to cleanse me of my sin, help me to have the same love, grace and mercy so as to forgive those who have transgressed against me. I cannot allow myself to forget that Jesus died for everyone's sins; so, I must forgive also. Carrying the burden of unforgiveness within myself is equally as destructive to my life and my relationship with you as carrying the weight of my own sin. Sometimes it is hard to forgive, yet with your help, that is what I will seek to do. Thank you God of Love for your help this day and everyday. Amen.

Week of September 6 - In the moments of waking up today, between the grogginess of sleep and the pursuit of clarity in my mind about what day it is and what I planned to do; I know your presence reached out to me to commune with me in the exchange of feelings and thoughts. Your unfailing love for me poured over me and reminded me that I am yours and you are mine; and that whatever the day brings, you are always with me. You know what I am capable of doing; so I know you will speak words of encouragement to me if I should feel less than adequate to fulfill the tasks put before me. A love like this can only come from a Living God...and I know that's who you are. I praise you! I thank you for your love; and with a heart full of gratitude, I will love others so they too will be blessed by your presence and your love. Amen.