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Take a Moment Prayer: Week of June 19

Look for this prayer each week. Take time to pray it each day and know that your church family is saying this prayer, too.

Week of June 26 - Guide and Light to My Path, I praise your glorious name. I look to your Spirit to guide me through the journey of this day. With the help of your wisdom as spoken to me through your Living Word and as inspiration that arises in my soul...I will hold fast and I will move forward in faithfulness to You. I lay before you my prayers for healing for this broken and pain-stricken world. I ask for hope to prevail over the darkness that seeks to consume your beloved creation. Make me an instrument in this pursuit to overcome darkness with hope. Make me a lamp that carries and shines your light into the darkness. I offer prayers for this week's VBS. May this ministry touch, plant seeds and help shape the lives of children to be living instruments of peace in their everyday lives. I offer prayers for our church and for our denomination...seeking Your light to guide us as we work to help do our part in building your kingdom of love in our community and world. I know I ask a lot from you; but I know you don't mind. So, I trust you with my prayers from the heart...knowing you hear and answer my prayers. Amen.

Week of June 19 - Loving God, All around me, I see evidence of your amazing love. In the smallest of details in your creation, in hearing melodies of music, through the touch of kindness...your love reaches into my soul and leaves me feeling special. You love me in spite of my imperfections. And, like a good Father, you pick me up when I fall down...brush me off...hold me for a moment...and send me on my way with new confidence to walk in your ways. My life would be so very empty without you. I would be lost in self-doubt and sin without your love. Thank you God, for loving me. And please know, with all my being, I love you. Amen.

Week of June 12 - God of all Creation, every day, I look to you for guidance for my life path. Sometimes the way seems clear; and other times it appears confusing. In those less than clear and overwhelming moments, I ask for your Holy Spirit to pour wisdom into my heart and mind to overcome challenges. Help me to see the open doors in my path that lead me to you and your will for my life. Empower me with courage to use the gifts you have given me to say and do the right things that will not only make a difference in my own life; but, will also bless others. I want my life-light to shine for you...giving you honor and glory...and leading others to find you. With openness to your leading, I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Week of June 5 - Holy Spirit, pour out your power on me. Fill me with uncontainable excitement and energy for sharing Christ through my words and deeds. Empower the gifts I've been given, and unveil to me those yet undiscovered gifts within me. In so doing send me out to be Christ's presence wherever I am. Remove any trepidation that may hold me back. Keep me focused on the things that are of God. Pour over me your cleansing waters and redirect my attention when evil social distractions succeed in weaving their ways into my being. I am not sure exactly what situations I will face today; but of one thing I am sure, God, with your Holy Spirit in me, I am never alone and I have nothing to fear. Come with power, Holy Spirit...fill me and use me. Amen.