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Take a Moment Prayer : Week of Aug. 30

Look for this prayer each week. Take time to pray it each day and know that your church family is saying this prayer too.

Week of August 30 - Is that you God trying to get my attention? I'm here and I'm trying to listen. Some days, it's not so easy for me to hear what you are saying to me, usually because I have so many other thoughts going around in my head. But, I am doing my best to hear you. Sometimes, I know, you simply want to tell me how much you love me; and other times you are calling me to do a special task for you. It feels at times unbelievable that you deem me worthy of your personal attention and capable of doing acts of love and service for you. I don't always feel capable and worthy of your attention and confidence, but you prove to me time and time again that if I will just listen and step out in faith you are there for me...helping me with your power and guidance, and pouring over me your love. I am so richly blessed to have a growing and intimate relationship with you. I'm listening, God...let's make something wonderful happen today. Amen.  

Week of August 23 - Holy are you,O God. I come before you today with praise and thanksgiving. Because of who you are and your faithfulness to me, I have no reason to doubt your plans for my future are rich with blessings. I confess, sometimes I get anxious when difficulties arise and throw a curve at me...making smooth, sweet sailing and comfortable times a bit rocky. You likely even hear thoughts that I try to hide from you, questioning your greatness and the promises you made to me and all who are faithful. But I will not...will not...succumb to the temptation to dispose of my faithfulness to you. I will hold even tighter to your strong mighty hand and declare my trust in you. For you are God, the one and only God of all Creation. Of this I am sure. Amen.

Week of August 16 - Sometimes God, I wish I could look into the future and be assured that all things will work out for good in my life. But since I can't, I will put my trust in you to lead me...to open the doors that will lead to where you want me to go. I know that I still need to make the decision to follow your leading. So, I will seek you today and listen for your voice speaking to my soul. Persuade me to choose your guidance. I know your love is always with me...I cannot be separated from it. Thank you, God for this promise. it gives me hope to step out in faith as I face this and every day. Amen. 

Week of August 9 - Amazing God, I look at what I have planned for the day ahead of me and I ask you to be present in every decision I will need to make and every action I will need to take. If I am unexpectedly faced with any adversities, help me to rely on you to overcome them. Give me patience and wisdom to persevere the hurdles of life. And show me where and how I can support and help others to persevere and overcome the challenges in their lives. This I pray, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Week of August 2 - God of Peace, There are many things in our society and world that threaten to compromise my soul from finding inner peace. COVID stirs-up my anxiety, social tensions create fear, political clashes and rhetoric weaken my trust in government officials, the mostly negative media reports cloud my vision of hope for an end to all that darkens our world...even my busy schedule denies me the inner peace that I seek. I try to find a way to get a break from it all. So, I come today asking you to help me find rest for my body, mind and soul. Pull me aside and let me hear you say..."Stop, and sit with me for awhile." For I know that if I rest in your presence...your love...your wisdom...I will find renewal and strength for my faith to rise above the infliction of stress, hopelessness and darkness that are destructive to the inner peace you can provide me. This I pray, in Jesus name. Amen.  w