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From Pastor Twyla's Desk - March 2020

I think it was a little over two years ago, after having some blood work done, my doctor warned me in a phone call that my A1C was a bit high and I was pre-diabetic. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I didn’t like the sound of it. 

Around that same time, a wellness program was being planned for the employees and residents at Fahrney-Keedy. The program was designed to be a support group who would meet for a year to learn about the pre-diabetic condition and how to prevent escalation from that condition into full blown diabetes. We were required to set goals for improving our health by applying the information we learned in class. Every meeting  began with weighing-in and   reporting to the group where we stoo in meeting our goals. I signed-up and made the commitment.

Nothing about participating in the program was easy, but probably the hardest thing for me was cutting back on my nearly daily dessert of a large bowl of ice cream. Don and I always have ice cream in our freezer. I went many      evenings without dessert or I settled for a very small serving of lite ice cream. It was hard to change that habit at first, but I stayed focused on the goal and   managed to overcome it. Changing my eating habits and walking for exercise helped me reach my goal of losing thirty pounds and lowering my A1C so that I was no longer pre-diabetic.   

Why am I telling you this? Well, because we are in the season of Lent--a time when it is customary to give-up certain pleasures, and I want us to think about why we do this. The practice of giving-up a pleasure for a period of time could also be called fasting. Fasting for Lent is not a command from God but is simply a discipline to help prepare ourselves for the celebration of Easter. The fasting experience during Lent can be a time when you more fully realize the power of sin and your need for a Savior. By using those moments when you are missing that something that you gave-up, to reflect on your relationship with Christ and the price he paid to save you from your sinful self, you can rise again from the darkness of the tomb of sin to walk in the resurrection Light of Christ. 

May this season of Lent be an opportunity for you to chase the goal of overcoming your appetite for the things that pull you away from the resurrection Light of Christ. Grab a hold of the Savior…and never let him go.