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From Pastor Tim's Desk - September 2018

We’ve all been waiting for it!  The Year of Reading the  Bible is upon us.  Pastor Audrey and I are so excited for our church to have an opportunity to read the entire Bible cover to cover between September 9, 2018, and May 19, 2019.  Every Sunday, Pastor Audrey and I will recap what you’ve read in the last week as part of our preaching while highlighting one key pivotal story. What makes us even more excited is that every Sunday School Class will study along with the Bible Read-Through in small group fashion. I would strongly encourage you to join with a Sunday School class to find encouragement for your journey with the Bible and to deepen your engagement with the text. 
It is my hope that every person in the church would attempt to keep up as best they can with the regular Bible readings.  Printed in this Newsletter is a complete guide to the weekly  Bible readings.  Also available are bookmarks that can mark our progress and remind you what you need to read today. 
To accomplish our Bible Read-Through we are following a curriculum called “The Community Bible Experience.”  The Community Bible Experience breaks the Bible up into four   sections: Covenant History, The Prophets, The Writings, The New Testament.  We read each of these sections over the course of eight weeks.  Read-Through participants will read Monday-Friday for eight weeks (about 20-30 minutes per day), taking a break on Saturday and participating in Worship and Sunday School on Sunday.  At the end of each 8-week section, you will have a week to take a break or do some catch-up before we start our next eight-week series.  We believe this curriculum will challenge us to engage the scriptures while providing some necessary breaks in light of busy lives. 
But do not let your busyness be an excuse for not participating.  There is time in our day for God, and if there isn’t we should challenge ourselves to make time.   
Biblical illiteracy among Christians is real.  Baptized Christians are often unaware of many of the key stories that form our faith.  And even if we know stories, we often struggle to piece them together into the overall story of the Bible.  But the Bible is a single story from Genesis to Revelation.  It is the story of God relating to people and people relating to God.  It is a story worth knowing and understanding.  It is a story that is meant to be read and  discussed. 
So I implore you- commit yourself to join your church family in reading the Bible and participating in Sunday morning program from September 9 to May 19.  Let us be transformed by the story of the Bible.