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From Pastor Tim's Desk - May 2018

May will be a special month to worship together.  The first Sunday of the month, we will once again combine our Youth Sunday with our recognition of older adults. It’s a Sunday to celebrate the diversity of generations represented at HCOB. High School seniors, Katie Hardy and Jared Kees, will be preaching that day on the theme of “Bound Together: Clothed in Christ” based on Colossians 3:12-15.  This is also the theme of National Youth Conference and their   sermons have been submitted to the Youth Speech Contest for the conference.  What a blessing it is to have such creative, bold, and faithful youth in our midst!  Let us listen well to what they have to say to us.  They are leaders of the church now and may have a better concept of what this world and our culture is really like.  On this same day that we ask our youth to lead, we honor older adults.  Do you remember your youth Sunday? Do you remember the way you boldly stepped beyond the norms of your day? Every generation steps out in faith that God will meet them as they merge culture and ministry in a new way.  May the generations of HCOB encourage and engage one another in collective ministry. 
Later this month, we celebrate Pentecost. On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit blazes a new way forward for Christian ministry. It does so through preaching and  translation.  As the disciples preached, the Spirit translated. The Spirit still works at this translating phenomenon and my hope is that on Youth Sunday, all of our ears will be attuned to the Spirit, finding translations that are faithful to the same gospel which compelled us when we came to know the Lord. 
A few weeks ago, Pastor Audrey and I along with another millennial pastor, Eric Landram, led a Spiritual Renewal Weekend at the Staunton(VA) COB. The theme for the weekend was “Do not be Afraid: Christ is Still Guiding;the Church.”  This theme guided by 3 millennial pastors was a reminder that the church has survived and thrived through great transitions in the past- reformations, schisms, migrations- so it will undoubtedly survive the significant changes it is enduring today.  What the church must do is bind ourselves together across  generations and translate the passions that we all have for the Church.  In our translating, what emerges is a new Pentecost, a new day for the Spirit to come alive.  So join us in worship this May for some profound experiences of the Gospel.