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From Pastor Tim's Desk - March 2019

I want to begin by thanking you all for your flexibility over the last couple months as your pastors' lives have adjusted to parenthood.  Now in March, both Pastor Audrey and I are back in the office.  Pastor Audrey will be working Sundays and 2 additional days in the office for March.  I am working normal hours.  This time for us to be away from work to focus on our growing family was cherished.  Anita grows each day and we are amazed watching her discover something new every day.  She is a true gift of God to us, her parents. 
Her perspective on life causes me to pause and recognize all the newness in life.   A couple weeks ago, the author of Ecclesiastes told us in our Bible reading that there is “nothing new under the sun.”  This might feel especially true as we read Chronicles which is essentially a retelling of Kings. Yet, I disagree.  Taking a note from Einstein, “everything is relative.”  And while everything has happened before and everything will happen again, it's new to me.  It's new to Anita.  Each day is new for you too.   
I am realizing that it is important to lean into each day as though it is new.   We need not relive the pains of yesterday nor stay clinging to gone-by joys.   There is something about today that might amaze or inspire us.   
In March, we turn a big page in our Bible Read-Through to the New Testament. You’ve probably been ready for the New Testament for some time.  Maybe  you’ve been wanting some familiar stories; maybe the sex and violence of the Old Testament has been wearing on you; maybe you’re just ready for Jesus.  Well, Jesus in the New Testament proves that there is something new under the sun.   Jesus changes the way we are to think about God.  Jesus takes the former covenant and fulfills it.  Because of Jesus, today is a new day with new opportunity.  
If you’ve let your commitment to reading the Bible slip in these past few months,  renew it now.  You won’t want to miss Jesus as he does a new thing in the faith  history of humanity.