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From Pastor Tim's Desk - July 2019

Last month, Pastor Audrey introduced a theme of reflection for our last few Pastor’s Pen articles.  We’ve continued to reflect together on those ministries that are particularly thriving and she reflected on the Women’s Retreat last month.  I want to reflect on a ministry that has been exceptionally life-giving for me over these last few years which is my Sunday School Class--the Contemporary Christian Conversation Class.  Today the class is a vibrant assortment of 10-20 disciples of varying perspectives, ages, and longevity with HCOB.  It is a class that ventured through the entire Bible together last year.  It is a class that is willing to ask any question and answer questions only as needed.  This group embodies the Brethren ideals of studying scripture together and gleaning insight out of our communal understanding.  But it has taken years for this inquisitive class to form and meld. 

When Audrey and I first arrived, I wanted to start a class for the Young Adults of the church and so we began meeting in the attic with a group of usually only 4 including Pastor Audrey and myself.  It was discouraging at first but understandable as those 20-something adults are busy and  sporadic attenders.  Eventually, we migrated from the attic to the Fellowship Hall as an attempt to attract some early service stragglers to our group.  This worked minimally.  However, eventually our group of 4  became 6 which became 8.  Eventually we decided to do away with our ageist name, The Young Adults, so as to include anyone who wanted to join. Then during our Year of Invitation, members of my class started to invite their church friends into a deeper relationship with the church.  The CCC Class grew as we entered the year of reading the Bible which served as an incredible bonding experience for us as we struggled with difficult texts and commiserated over not completing homework assignments. 

The class is now an incredible conglomerate of young adults, yes, but  also some older adults and everyone in between.  We have rejoiced with members of our class who have decided to join the church and members who have chosen baptism.  This class is evidence that life-giving ministry is contagious and growth comes to those ministries that people are excited about.  So think about what you are excited about at HCOB and invite a friend to join you.  When the Spirit is up to something in you, it may just catch fire in someone else.  Thank you for an incredible journey CCC Class members, and keep up the good work of deep scripture study.