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From Pastor Tim's Desk - Jan. 2018

I hope this first newsletter of 2018 finds you well and holding on to the joyful spirit of Christmas which exudes from the story of our savior’s birth. Yet, right after Christmas we are flooded with these themes of fresh starts, resolutions, and life style alterations. With Christmas and New Years coming in sequence, it’s as if we say “hello” to Jesus, realized he’s been watching the whole time, and then commit to being better than we were last year. But more often than not, we find ourselves in the same winter cycle the next year. 
Pastor Audrey and I have discovered this past year that being able to set a few accomplishable goals does marvels for your life. We have discovered, and I know many of you would agree, that we are in control of so little in our lives. We wait on other people to make their moves, we’re depending on societal trends or economic shifts, and we remember that to some extent God is in control of all of this (my Sunday School Class will recall here the Deistic/Predestined debate). So amidst this lack of control, to take on a goal or two can give you just a little more clarity to wade into our chaotic world. For Pastor Audrey and I, it has been running goals. We’ve now been able to run a 10k (6.2mi) and we’ll see where the goals take us now. It sounds simple, but knowing that we are able to set and commit to this goal helps us as we deal with situations that are beyond us. 
One simple goal that I’d like to encourage each of you to consider is to join a Sunday School Class. Sunday School is something that HCOB does very well with many different offerings for adults to choose from. The Christian Education Ministry Team has outlined in this newsletter those options. Try some out. Current class members, invite someone to join you. Making a commitment like this and setting a goal like this, can change the way we cope in our stressful lives. Sunday School gives us committed companions on the road of life. Sunday School conversations push us to consider values and decisions in a different way. And, Sunday School helps us to grow in discipleship. 
So set a goal, make a lasting commitment, and try a Sunday School class this Sunday. For information about our Sunday School classes, click here.