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From Tim's Desk - March 2016

Maybe every winter feels long when you are wandering through it.  I am not much of a winter guy. I don’t like the snow, especially if I need to be somewhere. I don’t like the sun going down so early. I don’t like the way that gray  winter clouds form a heavy sheet over the earth. I think we’ve had enough winter. Many years Palm Sunday and Easter are the days that pull me out of any winter blues, but this year Easter comes earlier and hits us while it is still March. Will the daffodils be up in order to bring them in for the living cross? Will churches even want to have their outdoor Sunrise services? Will our colorful Easter outfits be bright enough through the chill? Will it even feel like Easter this year?!

Traditions might be in jeopardy, but the story is not. Over the past several weeks in Lent, we have heard pieces of remarkable stories about how the living Christ has interacted with disciples within our body. These disciples have brought us encouragement and insight.  These disciples have been an outstanding reminder to me that even amidst the cold and the cloud, Christ comes.

Imagine what those disciples thought on Good Friday. The journey was over. It was a dark, cold, lonely day. But Easter always comes. With or without flowers on our cross this Easter, we know that it is a living cross because Christ is not on it. Christ is not on the cross. A symbol of death is stripped of significance because Jesus lives. And this living Christ has appeared to his disciples. He has appeared to many of you and you have a part of the story to share.  So do me a favor, share that remarkable story while it is still cold outside. Share it around your dinner table; share it with a friend; share it with me. May our stories warm our souls and our church so that Easter truly brings a new day, a season, and a new life.