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From Tim's Desk - Sept. 2015

The Church is buzzing. Summer vacations have mostly come to an end. August has reminded me of the many important ministries that happen through this congregation. In August, church workers plan and prepare for a year ahead. Wisely, we lay a foundation from which God can construct lives of discipleship. It reminds me of Christ’s classic parable from Matthew 7, where the wise man’s house is built on rock so as to withstand rain, flood, and wind. The Church was buzzing this August laying a foundation from which our ministries can flourish. 

We lay the foundation through celebrating commitment and discipleship in baptisms. We lay the foundation by preparing a new season of Bible Studies. We lay a foundation by adding new, exciting components to Youth Club. We lay a foundation by preparing our Micah’s Backpack food room. We lay a foundation by equipping a new Church Board. We lay a foundation by creating new worship series on stewardship and Living Peace. 

It is interesting to ponder foundation construction when I have just witnessed the demolition of a home outside my office window. Yet, even the final step to demolition is to prepare the foundation for whatever might come next. The hole is filled with solid matter and covered with a layer of shale. The foundation is set for whatever lies ahead. 
Even as individuals, we sometimes go through times of construction and demolition in our lives. Both are necessary moments for our growth as disciples. In the last few months some in our body have been through loss and great difficulties. Others in our body have experienced incredible joy and major advancements. Whatever we have been through however, the foundation must be tended. As we construct new programs or make new commitments, how do these fit on our foundation as a disciple of Jesus Christ. As we deconstruct old habits or reassess our obligations, are we leaving our foundation firm? 

As we move into September and a new chapter to many of our ministries, may we all be attentive to our foundations. May we remember that Christ’s message of love should lie at the center of everything we do, from worship to stewardship to business to service. Our purpose, as our mission statement clearly articulates, is “to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ.”