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Pastor Tim's Message - October 2014

For the last month, this church has been studying together what it means to be the church. It can be far too easy to get lost in the mess of expectations for what the church should be and what it should be doing. Some might say the church should exist to help others, both near and far. Some might say the church should exist to build people up in faith and send them out to witness. Some might say the church should exist to teach the way of Jesus to children and youth. Some might say the church should be about reconciliation, standing against injustice, or restoring broken communities. Some might say the church should be about evangelism and salvation. These are just a few of many good expectations, but they can bog us down and overwhelm us. 

I believe that Jesus’ expectation for us is quite simple; be faithful. As a church, we need to be faithful to Christ and our calling. It will do us no good to imitate another church which impresses us. Nor is it helpful to imitate this church from another era. They are/were being faithful to their call. We need to be faithful to our call.

While we all have expectations for our church,  it is most important to listen for God’s expectation which will manifest itself in the form of a call. Then, together, we must be faithful to it. As we continue to study “Being the Church 101,” be in prayer for our community. What might our collective calling be? What might your individual calling be? Together, we can discern and faithfully follow. 

For the rest of October we will continue with the “How to’s” of being church, but we will also add a little more conversation in the form of cottage meetings. Please participate in the life of the church. This is a place of light and life. But, as the prophet Isaiah asks, “Do we perceive it?” (Is. 43:19)

-Pastor Tim