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Pastor Tim's blog

From Tim's Desk - July 2016

When I was taking philosophy classes at Bridgewater College, I was fascinated by the power of language. When the brain orchestrates an original thought, is it limited to understanding this  thought  by the words it already knows?  Or do human minds grasp for ideas and concepts beyond those our words can express? I thought about these questions for a good year of my study.

From Tim's Desk - May 2016

May will be such a wonderful month to be in worship together as the Hagerstown Church of the Brethren. We start the month off celebrating Youth Sunday and two weeks later we’ll celebrate Older Adult Sunday. May will be such a wonderful month to be in worship together as the Hagerstown Church of the Brethren. We start the month off celebrating Youth Sunday and two weeks later we’ll celebrate Older Adult Sunday. 

From Tim's Desk - March 2016

Maybe every winter feels long when you are wandering through it.  I am not much of a winter guy. I don’t like the snow, especially if I need to be somewhere. I don’t like the sun going down so early. I don’t like the way that gray  winter clouds form a heavy sheet over the earth. I think we’ve had enough winter.

From Tim's Desk - Jan. 2016

The sign of any great moment in life is that we do not want it to end. Moments like singing Silent Night in our candle    lit sanctuary or slowly sipping coffee on Christmas day surrounded by family. In these moments, we are keenly aware of our emotions and the Spirit’s presence. We just want to breathe it in and stay there like Peter on the mountain with a transfigured Jesus.

From Tim's Desk - Nov. 2015

Despite communicative technology that brings people together with immediacy and clarity, many scholars speculate that people living in our society today are some of the loneliest ever. While communication is easy, the medium does not promote intimacy. Thus, many people in our society do not understand real intimacy and thus struggle to understand real community.

From Tim's Desk - Sept. 2015

The Church is buzzing. Summer vacations have mostly come to an end. August has reminded me of the many important ministries that happen through this congregation. In August, church workers plan and prepare for a year ahead. Wisely, we lay a foundation from which God can construct lives of discipleship. It reminds me of Christ’s classic parable from Matthew 7, where the wise man’s house is built on rock so as to withstand rain, flood, and wind. The Church was buzzing this August laying a foundation from which our ministries can flourish. 

From Tim's Desk - April 2015

Christ is Alive! After weeks of joining Jesus on the long plod to the cross and Easter morning, the time has come to celebrate. As people of faith, we join with Christians around the world celebrating the greatest event in the Christian narrative. Christ conquers death and with it, human sin. What a morning, when bleakness turns to hope for God’s good earth.

Pastor Tim's Message - February 2015

We Brethren like to think we take Jesus very seriously. We say we have no creed but the New Testament; and if we had a creed within the New Testament, it would be the words of Jesus; and if we had to choose a creed out of Jesus’ words, we would probably choose the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew’s Gospel. Jesus is incredibly important to us.

Pastor Tim's Message - December 2014

Advent is upon us. This is a time of preparation and a season of waiting for our Messiah to come. We await the Christ child in the familiar Christmas story. Why do we wait so expectantly? Every year we know what happens in the story, but do we ever allow the story and our lives to converge. This is a season of hope, expectancy, waiting, and advent in our Church.


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