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Pastor Tim's blog

From Pastor Tim's Desk - Nov. 2017

Advent is approaching quickly, and so with this last Pastor’s Pen before Christmas preparations are completely upon us, Pastor Audrey and I wanted to highlight the journey we will experience together in the weeks preceding Christmas. We have been impacted by a little book called “The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem” written by Adam Hamilton ....

From Tim's Desk - July 2017

You have probably started to hear some rumblings around the church about the new BAT Team. And no, this is not a church team of vigilantes working alongside Batman to fight crime in Hagerstown. Our BAT  Team stands for the Building Analysis Task Team. This team has been  selected to do a comprehensive analysis of our building. We do this for  a few reasons:

Pastor's Bookshelf - June 2017

The Art of Christian Listening  by Thomas Hart 

During college, Pastor Audrey was a Student Peer Minister assigned to her dorm as a trusted spiritual companion for other students needing to process their faith life.  To prepare for this role, she read The Art of Christian Listening and found its instruction so helpful that she passed it along to me.  Maybe this was a subtle hint for me to become a better listener. But  isn’t it the case that we could all be better listeners?

From Tim's Desk - May 2017

Our next Congregational Business Meeting will be on May 7. As has become our custom at the May Business Meeting, Pastor Audrey and I will announcement the ministry theme for our fourth year of ministry at HCOB which begins on June 1. For this past year, we’ve been focusing our efforts on Hospitality. So before we say our goodbyes to hospitality, I want to highlight some of what we’ve learned.

Pastor's Bookshelf - April 2017

God’s Welcome: Hospitality for a Gospel-Hungry World  by Amy Oden

For the season of Lent, a significant cross-section of our congregation has considered Amy Oden’s book which pushes Christians to the depths of hospitality. This has been a useful tool in HCOB’s year of hospitality and will be available for anyone to take home and read after Palm Sunday.  

From Tim's Desk - January 2017

I very much enjoy being a pastor.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve with you.  However, the worst part of pastoring is knowing when to cancel church due to inclement weather.  I say that only semi-sarcastically.  I truly do not like discerning in the early hours of the morning with Pastor Audrey, Leadership Team Chair, and Property & Finance Chair whether or not the roads are bad enough to cancel. 

From Tim's Desk - November 2016

November- a month of turkey and cranberries, a month of families gathering and unity events at church, a most wonderful time of the year. That is except for the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  I write that sarcastically, but I have been fascinated by the amount of members  mentioning to me how much they are not looking forward to election day and commenting that they wish it were just over.  


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